Photos as my diary

I started taking picture in 1998 when I bought my first digital camera during my internship in Korea. It was a CASIO QV-10 but Hyundai branded. The resolution was 320 times 200 pixel. 


Since then I shot and use photos as my diary. Now I would like to share some photos with you. 


I do not have any particular style or area, I just shoot. 


Now I am shooting Sony Alpha 6000. A few years ago I started with a Sony NEX 3 and invested a bit into glass and now I just stick to it. 

My Blog

I will update my blog with photos or some interesting stories from time to time. Here the direct link to the blog.

Vermiete 3 Zimmer EG Wohnung in München Milbersthofen

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Grundriss der Wohnung
links oben ist der Balkon (genannt Loggia ...)
Grundriss Wohnung.pdf
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Luxembourg Beer in Seoul

We were just shopping in emart in Yongsan and then I found a beer from Luxembourg. 


Adam, I am pretty sure for the beer you are not going to Luxembourg...


Have a great time there and all the best!


Saipan holidays with a few photos

We are just back from our holidays in Saipan. We had a great time. We enjoyed the beach, snorkeling and the pool. The temperatures were not as hot as Seoul (28 degree instead of 34) therefore it was really good.

Attached you find a few photos. Please enjoy!

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Jeosu weekend tour

During the long weekend beginning of June we used the chance to go to Jeosu. We were not alone. We left on Saturday morning and for the 1st 80 km to Cheonan it took us 4 hours and then for the 300 remaining km we needed another 4 to 5 hours. But never mind we had a great weekend and I was trying loads of panorama photos what I have not done for some while. Please enjoy the photos. The area is really a good pic for a tour and a good escape from busy Seoul. 


Rainy Evening - around Blue House and some markets

Short evening walk around Blue House and some markets.


City Walk - Kwangjang Market

Just a walk through the city and do some random shots at Kwangjang market. The pancakes are really good! If you have the chance, test them!


Walk at the Han river - South Side

I just had a short walk at Han River on the south side at one afternoon and tried some shots on patterns and repetition. Please have a look. The walking way on the south side of the river is under the Olympic Express way so you have interesting repetitions and in the summer you walk in the shadow.

At Bampo Bridge I had the chance to see the water fountain.  


City Wall Walk Seoul - 1 part

From Namdaemun Gate to Changuimun Gate

Seoul has a city wall that can be still walked. It is going around the inner city and the overall length is 18 km. There is an official hiking trail. More information can be found here

The city wall is going over the mountains that surround Seoul and therefore you have a great view over the city and sky line of Seoul. Even though 18 km does not sound a lot for a hiking trail with the mountains and the up and down it is quite a hike.

I will do the whole wall in three legs. Today you see the photos of the first leg that I did yesterday from Namdaemun Gate in the south to Changuimun Gate in the north west. On the way I was climbing Inwangsan Mountain (339 m). Please remember, the rest of Seoul is almost at sea level.

From the mountain you have a great view on the city and especially on the blue house, the office of the Korean president. If you try to make photos on the mountains that includes the presidential office some tourist guides coming very fast to you an stop you. It was quite surprisingly.


Please enjoy the photos. 


Myeongdong at night

Just using the chance and take out the camera and walk around Myeongdong. Was a really fun evening. Attached you find a short video of the photos with some music and then you find the photos as a gallery. 

For the video I am using Movie Maker from Microsoft. It is not the most powerful tool but you can create quite quick some slide shows. If I would use Premiere Elements or more powerful tools I might get better results but then half way I give up because of the complexity and needed time. Please enjoy it. 


Using Capture One Express for first ratings of photos before moving to Lightroom

Capture One Express is available as a free download for Sony Cameras. Just search the sony web page.


I am a Lightroom user and had a look at Capture One Express. It was ok but I am lacking the time to get deeper into the topic and it seems not to be a big change to Lightroom. The time that I need to transfer my lightroom catalogue to Capture One seems not to be in relation to the benefits I gain therefore I stopped investigating the switch, but …


I noticed that Capture One is much faster in having the photos the first time shown after import and I was previously checking out Photo Mechanics for doing the first review of the photos before moving to Lightroom but Photo Mechanics was over 150$ therefore ...


I came up with the following idea

  • I import the photos into Capture One into the same folder that I would use for the Lightroom import.
  • I do the first grading with Stars and delete the photos that are simply bad.
  •  Then I import the photos in Lightroom. Instead of “move” or “copy” from the memory card I just use “add” since the photos are already at the location I would like them to have.
  •  And then in Lightroom I do my regular development on the preselected photos

The key point is, both programs support XMP sidefiles. I use these files for interfacing my star ratings from Capture One to Lightroom.


The only thing that you need to do in Capture One is that you select “full synchronization” for the XMP side card files. With this setting your ratings are automatically transferred later to Lightroom. You see the screenshot below but only in German, sorry for it. Please refer for the meta data section.


In Lightroom I will rename the folder (standard import folder name is is yyyymmdd). In Lightroom I add a description of the event to the date. That has the advantage that both programs can not work at the same time on one folder. 


For the import Lightroom autmatically uses the XMP files.


I did not investigate what other informations can be transferred from Capture One to Lightroom. If you have some ideas or experiences, just let me know.


Good luck and if you have questions just drop a comment or email.


Portfolio or my luckiest moments :-)

I do not have a real portfolio but here you find my luckiest shots. I will update them from time to time. How you like them. Please leave comments. (more...)