Photos as my diary

I started taking picture in 1998 when I bought my first digital camera during my internship in Korea. It was a CASIO QV-10 but Hyundai branded. The resolution was 320 times 200 pixel. 


Since then I shot and use photos as my diary. Now I would like to share some photos with you. 


I do not have any particular style or area, I just shoot. 


Now I am shooting Sony Alpha 6000. A few years ago I started with a Sony NEX 3 and invested a bit into glass and now I just stick to it. 

My Blog

I will update my blog with photos or some interesting stories from time to time. Here the direct link to the blog.

Tour through Seoul and Fish Market with German visitors

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Birds in Seoul

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Some more frozen items with trails of light...

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Swing the ring

After the catch rate with the dices was too low I decided to have a more "controlled" enviornment. I was swinging a ring with the mobile phone as a permanent light source to get the light trails and a flash for freezing the motion.

It is a quite easy setup. 

Please enjoy!

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Roll the dices

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Three days inbetween and a little bit of snow

Just three days in between and a bit of snow. The photos were taken at approximately the same time of the day. 


Totally different szene. Please enjoy!



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IT Year End party

Attached you find the photos from yesterday's IT year end party. No editing or improvements on the photos were done. I will do this during the weekend. Hope you like the photos. 

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Just a short video with some photos from walks in Seoul

Ole's Party

Attached some photos from Ole's party. Hope you like them!


Thank you for the great party!

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Dark Side of Seoul

Just a few shots from a night walk around our home. 

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Portfolio or my luckiest moments :-)

I do not have a real portfolio but here you find my luckiest shots. I will update them from time to time. How you like them. Please leave comments. (more...)