Photos as my diary

I started taking picture in 1998 when I bought my first digital camera during my internship in Korea. It was a CASIO QV-10 but Hyundai branded. The resolution was 320 times 200 pixel. 


Since then I shot and use photos as my diary. Now I would like to share some photos with you. 


I do not have any particular style or area, I just shoot. 


Now I am shooting Sony Alpha 6000. A few years ago I started with a Sony NEX 3 and invested a bit into glass and now I just stick to it. 

My Blog

I will update my blog with photos or some interesting stories from time to time. Here the direct link to the blog.

Seoullo - High pass turns in pedestrian walk

A high pass within Seoul city turned into a pedestrian way and on the 20th May it opens for public. I went there and made a few photos. 


Some information and background can be found here and here


The photo of the clown during the break I like most. Below you find also a black and white version. 

It was so hot and he suffered so much in his costume.


There was a art installation of floating shoes. It was quite interesting. You are finding the photos below. The statue within the floating shoes is a Korean freedom fighter about to throw a hand grenade.


The high pass closed two years ago for renovation. Before we were using it daily to get to work and back.


Please enjoy the photos.


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Sorak Tour

The trip to mount Sorak was not planned but the day when we wanted to go back from our trip in Sokcho to Seoul the roads were so jammed that we decided to stay a day longer in Sorak.


Sorak is a famous hiking area in Korea. It is a must when you are in Korea. 


We will go there for sure again! The one day was far too short. 


Please enjoy the photos and the short movie.

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Sokcho holiday

During the long weekend we decided to have a short trip to the east coast and visited Sokcho and Sorak. Here you find some photos from Sokcho. Sokcho is a small town at the east coast of Korea and famous for the beaches and the sea food. 


For the beach it was still a bit too cold but we enjoyed walking and the sea food. My favorite food were the stuffed squids. You see them on the photos. In Seoul I have not found these kind of squids. 


At our last day in Sokcho we checked the time to get back to Seoul. For the 200 km over 6 hours were estimated. We then decided to move forward to Sorak Maintain and stay a day longer. Since everybody left the day before we only needed 2.5 hours back and had a great day more in Sorak. You will see photos in the next post.


Please enjoy the photos!

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Achasan Hike

On a Saturday morning, we went for a short hike to Achasan. It is part of the Seoul Trail. Seoul trail is a hike around Seoul in 8 parts. I will do within this year all parts. You will find updates on my webpage. 

The good part on the Achasan tour is that you are flexible in terms of length since there are several points to go down and catch a subway and the view on the city is great!


Please enjoy the photos. 

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Evening walk with 50 mm lense

Just using a lense that I am normally never use and go through the neighborhood. 

It was quite interested and some interested shots were found. 


Are you finding James? He had better times for sure...


Please have a look and give some feedback. 


Enjoy your holidays

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Jogeysa Temple with Laterns

For Buddha’s birthday, the temples are illuminated with lanterns. Normally it is a classical design but here you also find some of modern designs. It is one emoticon character from kakao talk, the Korean version of WhatsApp. 

The photos were taken on the evening of Buddha’s birthday. You can already see the setup for the big event. The next day this temple was on TV with all the major president candidates. Please enjoy. 


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Namsan Tour and super star meets Gerhard

Yesterday I was walking from Yongsan to Namsan and further to Shilla Hotel and then back via Itaewon. On the way back I met the guy. He is a famous gag man. I see him all the time on TV. It was only a short meeting but quite funny. He was not too much in speaking English.

The photos of the rest of the tour can be found below. Hope you like them. Please check out the election posters for the upcoming president election. They have really the choice. 

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Gyeonghuigung Palace next to Seoul History Museum

We were walking around in Seoul and then we visited Gyeonghuigung palace in Seoul. It is not one of the famous but then you do not have many tourists and no entry fee. 

The palace is not big therefore you can do it within 30 min. 

Next to the palace is the Seoul Historical Museum. During rainy days a good place to visit. 

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Seoul Trail - part 5 from Sadang to Seuksu Station

Seoul Trail is a hiking trail in 8 parts around Seoul. Yesterday I was doing part 5 from Sadang to Seoksu Station. It was really nice and I was nicely tired after the hike. Attached you find some photos and the GPS track. 

Details on the track can be found under

The track can be easily followed.

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Bird Lunch in the middle of Seoul

On Saturday we were walking through the city and were watching a bird. Suddenly the bird was picking in the water and started to enjoy his lunch...

Please enjoy the photos. 

It was quite nice and very surprisingly...

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Portfolio or my luckiest moments :-)

I do not have a real portfolio but here you find my luckiest shots. I will update them from time to time. How you like them. Please leave comments. (more...)