Photos as my diary

I started taking picture in 1998 when I bought my first digital camera during my internship in Korea. It was a CASIO QV-10 but Hyundai branded. The resolution was 320 times 200 pixel. 


Since then I shot and use photos as my diary. Now I would like to share some photos with you. 


I do not have any particular style or area, I just shoot. 


Now I am shooting Sony Alpha 6000. A few years ago I started with a Sony NEX 3 and invested a bit into glass and now I just stick to it. 

My Blog

I will update my blog with photos or some interesting stories from time to time. Here the direct link to the blog.

Eastern in Barcelona

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Winter walk in Munich - Zeitungen, Schnee von gestern

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New Year in Malta

After we arrived in Germany we went with my parents to Malta for holidays endo of the year. It was a good place and we had the chance to get some warmer weather in comparison to Seoul and Munich. 

It is a good place to go for having an easy holiday. 

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SmartCollections2Collections Lightroom Plugin

I had the problem that I have organized most of my collections in Lightroom as SmartCollections. With the introductions of Lightroom Mobile I had a problem. Lightroom Mobile synchronization is only supporting “normal” Collections.

At the beginning I tried to do the sync manually, but it did not work. I always forgot to sync and then I did not have the most current picture with me on the go. I almost stopped using Lightroom Mobile.

Recently I got into Lua for Lightroom and wrote a short plugin that is supporting the task for synchronization of SmartCollections to “normal” Collections.

The plugin can be found here. 

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Bangkok Timelapse

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Bangkok Holiday - September 2017

We were for a few days in Bangkok to visit Martin and Jin. We had a great time. You find some photos and a video slides show.


We found even the pub of the support club of 1.FC Nürnberg and some other funny stuff.


Please enjoy the photos. 

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Vietnam, Danang Tour

For a long weekend we were flying to Danang, Vietnam. The flight from Seoul is only 5 hours without much prep. time. 

We mostly spend the time in the city and had a day trip to Hoi An about 20 km south of Danang. Another day we visited the Lady Buddha close to Danang. Please enjoy the photos. 


The food in Vietnam was really good and we enjoyed is very much. 


Vietnam reminded me a bit on China 7 years ago when I started in Shenyang but it was not as cold as Shenyang. :-)


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Suncheon Tour

For a long weekend, we visited Suncheon in the South of Korea. The city is famous for food and the nice parks. There is also a "village" that is used for movies and showing the old Korea with section of Seoul of the 80ies or poor people area. Very interesting...

Please enjoy the photos.

It is just a selection of a few photos from the weekend. 

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Timelapse tests out of the window

Gunther Wegner ( visited happyshooting ( and was talking about timelapse photography. I just thought that I can give it a try and took pictures out of the window on the rail tracks and bridge. Once during the day and then at night. The day part was 150 shots over 5 min (interval 2 seconds and exposure 1 second). The night part was 300 shots over 10 min (same interval and exposure) Please have a look. 

It was pretty simple. I used the timelapse app within my Sony camera. For postprocessing I used Gunther's LRTIMELAPSE and lightroom. For the video editing I used MAGIX MOVIE EDIT. 

Everything was quite simple and straight forward. 

The next timelapse I would like to do is from a busy shopping street in Seoul.

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Singapore Tour

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Portfolio or my luckiest moments :-)

I do not have a real portfolio but here you find my luckiest shots. I will update them from time to time. How you like them. Please leave comments. (more...)