Holiday at Kranzbach - Close to the location of G7 summit

Regularly we go to Kranzbach for holiday. It is a great wellness hotel about 1.5 hours away from Munich. More information you find under


During our last stay it was a bit funny. There were so many police around. We asked and got told that the next hotel (Schloss Elmau) will be the location of the G7 summit. (more)


We walked there but could not get any closer. Locals told us that they will build long fences to insure security and some other measures. 


Actually I think it is not a bad idea to have the summit at a remote location. Once a year there is the security conference in Munich and this week is always a pain. You better leave the city this weekend. 


Attached you find a few photos of the area. Also check out the hotel. It is worth it.

Location of Kranzbach