Visit Suwon with KBloggers (1st)

1st Post: GoPro Test on the Trolley Tour

This is my first post of the K-Bloggers Tour to Hwaseong Fortress, Suwon on 2015.06.13. The tour was organized by  The Senior Diplomacy Group of the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Korea Observer. It was a great tour. Thank you so much!


I would like to start my posts on this tour with a different content. The photos are coming later.


I did this video during the trolley tour back to the parking lot. I was in the last row and just put my GoPro out and followed the way back.


For the hyperlapse calculation I used Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro Preview.

The music I got from Jamendo. It is California Lullabye - Instrumental Version from Josh Woodward


In general I got the feeling my life is not exciting enough for using a GoPro. When I use the GoPro I do have loads of movies but nothing really fancy.  I have to face it. I am a boring guy with a boring life :-) 


Please have a look. I hope you enjoy it and please leave comments.