Visit Suwon with KBloggers (2nd)

On the 13th June I got the chance to join the KBloggers tour to Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon. 

 The tour was organized by The Senior Diplomacy Group of the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and theKorea Observer. It was a great tour. 

Thank you so much!


The Fortress is an impressive piece of military architecture of the late 18th century. But it has never seen a real war. I consider it as a lucky thing.The outer walls are over 5.6 km long to give you a feeling of the sheer size of the complex.

Details of the building can be found under (wiki)

The tour started in the palace. Beside representative areas you saw "everyday things" like the kitchen or some music instruments. 

From the palace we walked up to the wall and got some nice panorama shots from one of the command posts that is overlooking the whole surrounding area. 

The fortress is now in the middle of Suwon. For most of you, Suwon is the home of Samsung. :-)

At the end we walked down to see the gate of the "river" that is flowing through the complex. 

Before leaving Suwon a little boy wanted to play soccer with us. You find it as the last photo. 

 In general I like the Korean locks. They look different and quite weak but all testing was successful. :-)

I hope you like the photos. Please give me feedback on things that I can improve. 

Please check my other post of the tour. It was the first test of my GoPro (link).