Using color based search in Flickr by exporting Lightroom library

Original Target - Color Search in Lightroom

Color based searching in Lightroom

but  Not working :-( 

New Target - Export Lightroom to Flickr and use Flickr color search

having the lightroom library in Flickr (private) and then use the Flickr search (also color search available).

General Way

In Lightroom I am using jf-Folder publisher to have all my images exported into a hard disk folder. This folder is synchronized via photoSync to Flickr. Details on each step will come later:

General structure of my Lightroom catalog

I have a very simple catalog and file structure. For each day I have a folder named in the way “yyyymmdd free text”. These ‘day’ folders are grouped in year folders.

This is important since in Flickr it is not possible to have “structured” albums. I want to have per “photo day” one album in flickr so that I need to make sure that all folders are under one root.

Structure in Lightroom:



      20150101 free text

                               20150203 free text

The naming of the files in lightroom I have not changed. These are either the names from the camera or from HDR or panorama software. I do not care much about them. 

Setting Up jf Folder publisher.

I got this tool as donation ware. It is really useful.

I export my whole Lightroom library to one folder location but leaving out the grouping years. This was possible to tell jf Folder how many levels should be excluded. 

The naming of the files I changed in the way that the first part of the name is the folder name (and later the album name in Flickr) and the 2nd part is the file name. This will give me the link from Flickr back to my lightroom library.

This is done in the settings of jf Folder.

For performance I decided to split the export on a yearly base. 

You can decide how to “divide” your export job. Everything over 5000 pics is getting painful and takes longer than a night L to export on my computer.

As for me only the current year changes, I am republish from time to time. The rest was a onetime export.

Setting up photosync

Photosync takes all pictures from a given folder and syncs it to Flickr. I have all photos now in one folder (in my case D:\JPEG). 

The installation of photosync is straight forward. You link it with your flickr account and then the local settings are very simple. Please find them attached. 

As I am not interested in downloading any photos that I manual uploaded to Flickr I just set “Up Synchronization” and I want locally deleted files also to be deleted in Flickr since these files are not needed for my search. 


The search in Flickr on colors is not the best, but better than nothing. I am not really happy with the results but as I see that Flickr is doing a lot I hope it gets better.

The handling of the search in Flickr is straight forward.

Things to Check

One thing that you should check are the pictures without Albums. Everytime when you republish a photo the old photo is moved in this “album”. There is an easy way to delete all as a batch via the organizer in Flickr. 


The sync work but if I would have known that the Flickr color search is not so good on my own photos I would not have spent the time in  setting it up. it but anyhow, now all my photos are in Flickr and see what I can do with it. 

I hope the idea helps you. Please leave comments or suggestions. Contact me, if you need support.