Water flow with different exposures

This is a new kind of post.

I was taking pictures at the water stream at the entrance of Kyobo Bookstore in Gangnam. I played a bit around with different exposures and got an interesting effect. I tried to keep the incoming light constant. The exposure was shorten and the aperture was opened and ISO was pumped up.

You see the silk flow of water at the start and then at the end it is like frozen.

It is a kind visualizing the different effects with the setting combination in manual mode.

The used values are shown in the picture.

I know that the web is full with these examples but just doing it yourself gives yourself a much better understanding. Give it a try!

If you are in Seoul and searching for a place to test it I can recommend the water stream at Kyobo Gangnam. At night it is even differently iluminated. Furthermore you can sit and setup you camera without worries. Attached the location. 

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