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I had the problem that I have organized most of my collections in Lightroom as SmartCollections. With the introductions of Lightroom Mobile I had a problem. Lightroom Mobile synchronization is only supporting “normal” Collections.

At the beginning I tried to do the sync manually, but it did not work. I always forgot to sync and then I did not have the most current picture with me on the go. I almost stopped using Lightroom Mobile.

Recently I got into Lua for Lightroom and wrote a short plugin that is supporting the task for synchronization of SmartCollections to “normal” Collections.

The plugin can be found here. 

SmartCollection2Collection Lightroom Plugin version 0.1
This plugin synchronizes SmartCollections to "normal" Collections.
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Overview of the functionalities

The functions of the plugin in short are as follows:

  • It collects all SmartCollections that ends with a given postfix like [Dyn] e.g. “2017 Summer Holiday [Dyn]”
  • It creates a dedicated CollectionSet where the replicated “normal” collections are stored.
  • It creates or updates the corresponding “normal” collections with the photos from the collected SmartCollections within the newly created CollectionSet. The naming of the corresponding Collections is without the postfix e.g. “2017 summer holiday”
  • It deletes “normal” Collection out of the dedicated CollectionSet that do not have anymore a corresponding SmartCollection. >> clean up …
  • A feedback to the user is given how many collections were created, updated and deleted.
  • Additionally there is a UI for configuring the Postfix and the Target CollectionSet.


The plugin is installed like a normal Lightroom plugin via the Plugin-Manager. You simply add a plugin and point it to the folder where you have extracted the downloaded folder “SmartCollection2Collection.lrplugin”


This software is still in the Beta phase. Please use the plugin firstly on a copy of your catalog. I have tested it as much as possible, but I cannot guarantee a 100% coverage.

Workflow - Setup

Setup parameters

After Installation you will find two additional items in the menue <<File>> - <<Plugin-Extras>>. The items are:

  • SmartCollection to Collection update
  • Set Postfix and Target CollectionSet

The item "SmartCollection to Collection update" will trigger the synchronization. If you have not "prepared" your catalog for the synchronization only a new CollectionSet with the standard name "Mobile Target" will be created. 

You would need to apply the postfix to the SmartCollections that you want to get synchronized to "normal" Collections.

Checking the values for Postfix and Target CollectionSet

After clicking on "Set Postfix and Target CollectionSet" you should see the following dialog. 

In the first text field you enter the postfix that is the indicator that a SmartCollection is synchronized to a normal collection.

In the second text field you enter the name of the target CollectionSet that is holding all synchronized "normal" collections.

The default parameters are for the Postfix "[Dyn]" and for the target CollectionSet "Mobile Target". You can change the values as you wish or just keep the default once. 

Preparing SmartCollections for syncing.

The preparation for SmartCollections to be synced via SmartCollection2Collection is very simple. You just need to add the postfix that you have set in the previous step (default is [Dyn]) to the SmartCollection that you want to sync.

Start the 1st sync

The synchronization is started with clicking on "SmartCollection to Collection update". 

The plugin would now collect all SmartCollections in your catalog with the predefind Postfix (default is "[Dyn]") and creates or updates corresponding "normal" collections in the given Target Collection Set (default is "Mobile Target'). At the end it removes collections ouf of the Target CollectionSet that do not have a corresponding SmartCollection.

At the end of the processing you will get a feedback with the summary. The process can take up to 30 seconds. In my case there are already synced collections therefore you only see updated collections. At the 1st time you will see "n created  Collections".

Marking for synchronization with Lightroom Mobile

The newly created Collections in the target CollectionSet are not yet marked for being synchronized with Lightroom Mobile. This needs to be done once. With the next synchronization between the SmartCollections and the "normal" Collections the setting presists. This only needs to be done if a Collection is newly created. The reason for it is that from the API there is no access to the setting to update the Lightroom Mobile synchornization.


I accepts no responsibility from damage to yourself or your computer that may arise from the installation of the free software that is provided on this page. I offer no support for it. By downloading and / or using this item you accept the terms in the individual license agreement supplied with the item. In general terms that means you use them at your own risk, and we accept no responsibility for anything that may occur as a result of your use of, or inability to use, the item provided via this page.  

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